In 1960 Columbia Records Masterworks Division released their STRAVINSKY CONDUCTS 1960-D3L 300 or D3S 614. The set presented new recordings, also in stereo, of the Petroushka (3) and Rite of Spring (2) with Stravinsky conducting the Columbia Symphony. (The Petroushka is the revised 1947 score.) Another record of spoken commentary by Stravinsky was included. On it Stravinsky's observations about the creation of The Rite of Spring are specially informative. Also, four record-jacket-size printed inserts are included. They are "Speaking of Stravinsky"-an appreciation by Goddard Lieberson illustrated with period photos (5)(7), "Memories of a City" -Stravinsky's recollections of St. Petersburg at the turn of the century also illustrated with period photos, "Apropos of Petroushka"-a sheet of Stravinsky's notes about Petroushka and other matters and the self-explanatory "Autobiography of My Residences." Both have more photos (6). All this is presented in a custom-designed Lucite box with a chrome and black hinged-binding. The box also serves as a frame for the famous Richard Avedon (4) portrait of the well-dressed Stravinsky looking "disapprovingly" at the viewer from under his raised eye-glasses. The ballet recordings are full-range, warm tube productions with a well-playing Columbia Symphony. I love Stravinsky conducing his own works-these ballets included. This is altogether a stunning and memorable production.



Photo Notes

(1) is the quarter panel Table of Contents fold-over which is part of "Speaking of Stravinsky." (2) and (3) are label photos of DS 6183 and DS 6184-The Rite of Spring and Petroushka. (4) is the Richard Avedon portrait of Igor Stravinsky. (5) is a 1921 photo of Diaghilev and Stravinsky. (6) is a 1925 photo of Stravinsky with Olga Picasso, Cocteau and Picasso. (7) is a photo of Stravinsky recording his Octet in Paris in 1930. And (8) is a quarter panel fold-over of End Notes-also part of "Speaking of Stravinsky."

My thanks to Gene Halaburt for identifying the woman in photo 6 as Olga Picasso.







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